Why my asset is the best

Some facts about my assets bellow


Based on the one of the design principle like KISS.

Documented code

Each asset have documented code specially for you.

Made with love

Simple, beautiful, without anything superfluous.

Parallax Effect

Get parallax effect for your mobile game with UI.


Tap Figures Complete Game Template

Free template to introducing Unity features.


Infinite Directional Line Template

Simple system for getting reflections from coliders!


Simple Solitaire

Arcade, Simple, It's a simple solitaire game for Android/iOs/Standalone!


Checkers Game Template (PVP and PVE)

Board game template Checkers included PVP and PVE modes!


Faster communicate

If you are not sure are some assets works for you, please mail support@selvassets.ltd.ua to request for help. I am open for cooperation! I can make asset to order. Be sure it will be great experience!

Physical Address

Cherkasy, Ukraine